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EO Healing
Surrey, British Columbia Canada
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    Surrey British Columbia, Canada
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    EO Healing (EOH) was established in 2012 and started to educate the public about the powerful healing properties of essential oils and to serve as a source for information and high quality essential oils. At EOH, our focus is to find, create and develop products that help to improve the health and well being.

    Our essential oils are 100% pure, natural, unadulterated and come from first run distillations. We understand how important the quality and prices are to the public. Our essential oils are the highest quality oils that we have been able to source in the global market today. For example, our Lavender essential oil comes from France and our Sweet Orange is harvested in the USA. We're proud of the quality and purity of our oils.

    Every oil we bring in must meet our standards before we sell it to our customers. We review Gas Chromatography and certificate of analysis for each individual oil. Most of our distillers supply up to date GC/MS reports on the oils we purchase. We trust our growers and processors to keep this level of quality. We work with small farms around the world, as well as with very reputable distillers and processors who procure their plant material from smaller farms, and larger growers who process their own oils. We do work with a couple of distributors for a small fraction of our oils.

    All of our products are handcrafted by a Certified and Licensed Aromatherapist Veerpal. She is a member of British Columbia Alliance of Practicing Aromatherapy. She is also a skin care expert and handcrafts all of our products in small batches to ensure quality control and the longest shelf life. We list each ingredient on our products so our customers know what they are getting when they buy our products. We do not use any fragrance in our products.
    We are proudly a Canadian company.

    There are many benefits to getting your products directly from a certified Aromatherapist. Our Remedy Blends are custom made for specific ailments and are professionally diluted to be safely used by your family. Custom Blends are also available, as our aromatherapist can customize a blend for most ailments with a client's health history.

    At EOH, we follow current safety guidelines, such as not using Eucalyptus essential oil in blends made for children 5 and under. We follow Health Canada regulations and are currently working to get our products registered. We are a small company but we are committed to provide highest quality and pure oils to families at an affordable price so everyone can take advantage of the natural healing benefits of essential oils and aromatherapy.

    We are confident you will love our products.
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